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Profound words from Professor Steve McLaughlin words so true our heart is broken too Bob and Alicia Karnes Golden Sage Martial Arts.

My very good friend of the last 43 years has passed away.
Burkhard Bohm, was a cultured, educated, intelligent, and meaningful person. An excellent father with accomplished and wonderful children, a husband to an amazing wife Debi Laport whose support cannot be appreciated by us enough. A couple others should emulate.

...Bogi, studied jujitsu as if his life depended on it. Learning all of DanZan Ryu jujitsu to it's philosophical and martial depths. His dojo The Feather River Kodenkan established in 1998 was one of well known repute with excellent students.

As a Professor of DanZan Ryu Jujitsu, his sound advice, alternate points of view were always invaluable.
We could always trust what Bogi said and felt.

...His GeoHydrology business was helpful to the planet and the people. His hand-built home was just an example of the paradise he created for his family.

My deepest feelings of sympathy and support go to his wife Debi and their children.

...We could only hope to live a life as good as his.
....my heart is broken.

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Professor Bob Karnes 1st book

Stories from the Dojo

Memories, Myth, and Lessons

 Available from author

The goal is to use the fear of conflict to inspire a deeper understanding of life. These stories are examples that have inspired me and many other Martial Art students to continue this lifelong study. This "Path with heart" can help many to follow their own path to become a better person. This study is moving towards the unattainable goal called completion of character. To be of service to other people is the highest honor. Included is the writer's journey in applying DanZan Ryu Martial Arts in many different Mental Health types of treatment facilities including a forensic maximum prison. From working with the Zenyo martial art of conflict resolution the writer remained safe and was able to help ethically turn violence to a safer resolution for staff, and a better therapeutic outcome for the patient or inmate.

          Bob Karnes -Okazaki-Golden Sage Massage

            Massage Therapy at Clay Kaserne Fitness Center

              US Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Germany

         40 years experience

       currently not available COVID

This traditional and modern therapeutic massage system is from a Martial Art System called DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu and from DanZan Ryu Jujitsu. The Okazaki-Golden Sage massage can be light and relaxing for daily stress up to medium pressure for chronic conditions.

Deep tissue therapeutic restorative massage can be used for chronic conditions depending on the pressure preference of the client. Massage can assist with recovery for some injuries.

Massage can also assist the body to recover from some sports injuries. Many styles of healing arts old and new are combined to accommodate the needs of the client.

Massage has been found, along with good nutrition and with regular exercise, a good addition for prevention of stress related conditions related from a sedentary or from an active lifestyle.

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