Professor Steve McLaughlin words so true our heart is broken too.

My very good friend of the last 43 years has passed away.
Burkhard Bohm, was a cultured, educated, intelligent, and meaningful person. An excellent father with accomplished and wonderful children, a husband to an amazing wife Debi Laport whose support cannot be appreciated by us enough. A couple others should emulate.

...Bogi, studied jujitsu as if his life depended on it. Learning all of DanZan Ryu jujitsu to it's philosophical and martial depths. His dojo The Feather River Kodenkan established in 1998 was one of well known repute with excellent students.

As a Professor of DanZan Ryu Jujitsu, his sound advice, alternate points of view were always invaluable.
We could always trust what Bogi said and felt.

...His GeoHydrology business was helpful to the planet and the people. His hand-built home was just an example of the paradise he created for his family.

My deepest feelings of sympathy and support go to his wife Debi and their children.

...We could only hope to live a life as good as his. heart is broken.

Golden Sage Martial Art News

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Golden Sage Martial Art Kata Manual  Beyond kata manual part 1 and part 2

White belt to First Black belt 


Professor Bob Karnes 1st book

Stories from the Dojo

Memories, Myth, and Lessons


                                                                                              Available from author

The goal is to use the fear of conflict to inspire a deeper understanding of life. These stories are examples that have inspired me and many other Martial Art students to continue this lifelong study. This "Path with heart" can help many to follow their own path to become a better person. This study is moving towards the unattainable goal called completion of character. To be of service to other people is the highest honor. Included is the writer's journey in applying DanZan Ryu Martial Arts in many different Mental Health types of treatment facilities including a forensic maximum prison. From working with the Zenyo martial art of conflict resolution the writer remained safe and was able to help ethically turn violence to a safer resolution for staff, and a better therapeutic outcome for the patient or inmate.

Bob Karnes -Okazaki-Golden Sage Massage

            Massage Therapy at Clay Kaserne Fitness Center

                      US Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Germany

                39 plus years experience

This traditional and modern therapeutic massage system is from a Martial Art System called DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu and from DanZan Ryu Jujitsu. The Okazaki-Golden Sage massage can be light and relaxing for daily stress up to medium pressure for chronic conditions.

Deep tissue therapeutic restorative massage can be used for chronic conditions depending on the pressure preference of the client. Massage can assist with recovery for some injuries.

Massage can also assist the body to recover from some sports injuries. Many styles of healing arts old and new are combined to accommodate the needs of the client.

Massage has been found, along with good nutrition and with regular exercise, a good addition for prevention of stress related conditions related from a sedentary or from an active lifestyle.

               appointments may be available with a 24 hour notice

                for appointment E-mail

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Prof. Bob Karnes / Sensei

Alicia Karnes / Senesi Ni       Golden Sage Martial Arts

Wiesbaden Fitness Center    Clay Kaserne US Army Garrison

Wiesbaden, Germany

Bob was a co-Sensei with Suki LaGue
,Sensei at the Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple in Sparks,Nevada and he also opened two other schools one in Montana then he started the Golden Sage Martial Art Dojo in Cold Springs, Reno Nevada and  he is currently in Wiesbaden Germany.


Bob Karnes is a member of the Bushidokan International Martial Arts Federation the web page is found at  

other golden sage pages   also

Bob signed up in 1980 at the Sparks Recreation center and went to his first class with Ginny Kitzke, Sensei Ikkyu 1st Brown belt. Our small School moved a few times then Bob was transferred to Herb LaGue, Sensei in 1983 at the rank of Nikyu 2nd brown belt to the Bushidokan Dojo. Bob was awarded the rank of Shodan 1st Black Belt in a promotion with 6 other Bushidokan Shodan's in 1984.

Bob has used the healing arts on staff and the martial arts of DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu in many jobs such as  a Forensic Specialist at a max security prison for the mentaly disordered offender, a Mental Health Techinicion at a max security state of Nevada adult mental health psychiratic Instute, A Mental Health Tec. at several facilaties and group homes for the develomentaly disabled, as a staff member at a teeage boot camp in Montana, also as a security guard at businesses, special events and concerts.

Bob was awarded the title of Professor, Shichidan 7th Degree Black Belt, Shihan with the Bushidokan Federation in the art of DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu in 2004 under Professor Herb LaGue, Shodai. Bob, a.k.a. Bobasan,
currently holds the rank of Hachidan 8th Degree Black Belt with the Title of Sensei and Shihan.


Golden Sage Martial Art Philosophy / Bushidokan Info / Esoteric Principles

 Prof. Bob Karnes 8-2016

Golden Sage Martial  Arts  DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu


Golden Sage Martial Arts goal and self-defense philosophy

Hurting yourself and others is easy assisting the healing of yourself and others is challenging. Generally speaking Self-defense is in accordance to your local laws is a better way to remain a respectable member of society. Skillful use of only what force is needed to escape. If faced with death or severe bodily damage the level of force  for self defense needed may be higher.

Knowing what are the appropriate legal and moral reactions to physical threats from an attacker is an ongoing exploration.

Can I avoid the confrontation and remove myself from the situation?

If I must defend myself or someone else what is the most efficient and the most appropriate use of force for a grab, a throw, choke, a punch, a kick, a multiple person attack, an attack from different edged weapons, defense against guns and other firearms.

In order to know how to defend against these attacks you also need to know how to efficiently deliver these attacks.

DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu Golden Sage Martial Arts 

The martial art where all martial arts are found within.


How long do you think this would take? Answer many life times! Why study a self-defense-healing art system that is so inclusive teaching all ages and abilities and requires so much dedication, sweat, frustrations and personal challenges?

Because you, your loved ones and society benefits from another strong compassionate, skilled person strong enough to put the needs of others before their own.


What is helpful is an open mind, critical thinking and a curiosity to learn all you can! What is essential the willingness to serve others. We seek to resolve the conflict within ourselves so that we may be ready to use conflict resolution in the real world that we help to create.


The best Martial Art first heals the violence within!


Martial Art Classes from 16 years old with parent present, 17 with parent permission 18 years old to 60 years old and up

Classes at Clay Kaserne Fitness Center

Saturday’s  12:00 to 14:00 $8 per class Room 1C

contact Bob Karnes at   

 web site

Specializing in conflict resolution

Our System of DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu taught by the Golden Sage Martial Art School has been proven very successful in real world self defense situations, instruction in traditional healing arts and assisting with self discovery and positive personal development.

With this instruction you will be eligible for attaining rank in our school and with a recognized international Martial Art Federation.

Our ongoing weekly Martial Art class are long term classes in skilled conditioned reflexes and conditioning through learning throws, blocks, strikes, falls, submission holds and escapes that with time and practice offer an effective way to have a better chance at surviving an attack from a larger more skilled opponent or opponents.

Many martial arts are explored to appreciate them and to learn how to apply or defend against them. Weapons arts (modern and old) and the defense from them are also taught.

Our classes provide a safe way to explore this martial art at the level of each student beginner, intermediate to advanced.

Esoteric Principles of Judo

(As this document was written in years past by Professor Okazaki ; a reminder is needed that the word her is interchangeable with the word his and manliness is interchangeable with positive action and courage found in both sexes. The term Judo and Jujitsu is interchangeable also. Prof. Bob Karnes 6-2020)

These are the Esoteric Principles of DanZan Ryu Jujitsu

Since the fundamental principle acquired through the practice of Jujitsu has been elevated to a finer moral concept called Judo, “The Way of Gentleness,” it may well be said that the primary objective of practicing Judo is perfection of character. And to perfect one’s character, one must be grateful for the abundant blessings of heaven, Earth, and Nature, as well as for the great love of parents; one must realize his enormous debt to teachers and be ever mindful of his obligations to the general public.

As a member of a family, one’s first duty is to be filial to parents, to be helpful and harmonious with one’s wife or husband, and to be affectionate to brothers and sisters, so that the family may be a sound, successful and harmonious unit of the community. As a member of a nation one must be grateful for the protection which one derives as a citizen; one must guard against self-interest and foster a spirit of social service. One must be discreet in action, yet hold courage in high regard, and strive to cultivate manliness. One must be gentle, modest, polite, and resourceful; never eccentric, but striving always to practice moderation in all things. One must realize that these qualities constitute the secret of the practice of Judo.

Anyone who practices Judo should neither be afraid of the strong nor despise the weak; nor should he act contrary to the strength of his enemy because of the art he has acquired. For example, when a boat is set afloat on water, one man’s strength is sufficient to move the boat back and forth. This is only possible because the boat floats, for if, on the other hand, the boat is placed on dry land, the same man’s strength is scarcely sufficient to move it. It is necessary, therefore, that the weak should learn this fact with regard to the strong.

The forms and techniques should be remembered as the basic art of Judo. One should never use these arts against anyone without sufficient justification. Therefore, refrain from arrogance and do not despise a small enemy or a weak opponent.

Every Student of Judo should realize that honesty is the foundation of all virtues, kindness is the secret of business prosperity. Amiability is the essence of success. Working pleasantly is the mother of health. Strenuous effort and diligence conquer adverse circumstances. Simplicity, fortitude, and manliness are the keys to joy and gladness; and service to humanity is the fountain of mutual existence and common prosperity.

As aptly expressed in the poem “The boughs that bear most hang lowest,” one should never forget the virtue of modesty as one attains proficiency in the art of Judo. Do not disdain or regard lightly either literary or military art; each is important and deserves equal cultivation and respect. Within constant motion and change there is tranquility; and within tranquility, there is motion and change.

Remember always parental love and one’s enormous indebtedness to teachers. Be grateful for the protection of Heaven and Earth. Be a good leader to younger men. To lead younger men well, will in the long run, mean to attain proficiency in the skill of Judo.

Like a drawing in India ink of the whispering of wind in the pines, the secrets of Judo can only be suggested. Only through personal experience can one comprehend the mystic ecstasy of such secrets. It is said of Jujitsu that it would require ten years of practice to win victory over one’s self and twenty years to win victory over others.

Whatever the trials or dangers, even “hell under the upraised sword,” remain calm and remember the doctrine imparted to you by your teacher.

A noted verse reads: “For the lotus flower to fall is to rise to the surface.”

Only by cultivating a receptive state of mind, without preconceived ideas or thought, can one master the secret of reacting spontaneously and naturally without hesitation and without purposeless resistance.

These are the secrets of Kodenkan into which I have had the honor to initiate you.

H. Seishiro Okazaki Judo Master Director of Kodenkan

Bushidokan Federation Information


This is from Bob Karnes parent Dojo the Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple and our

Bushidokan  International Federation             The Bushidokan – Home of Ohana 2016

 (#1 was edited by Bob Karnes)

The Bushidokan Federation is a union of jujitsu dojos from around the world practicing the art of Dan Zan RyuZenyo Bujitsu. This system for effective self defense was originated by Professor Herb LaGue who began his martial arts studies in 1950, studying Boxing, Judo, Savatte, Aikido, Lama Pai, and Jujitsu. Dan Zan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu was formulated from these systems and uses a framework of Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu to teach the principles of Zenyo, creating an effective self-defense system. Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu is a systematic way to eliminate fear through building self-confidence. This is accomplished by serving and healing others. Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu creates curiosity and stimulates one’s natural inherent characteristics to explore and create. People are drawn to Danzan-Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu by their natural survival instinct……

Danzan-Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu teaches all techniques, striking, kicking, joint locking, throwing, and ground fighting techniques. Throwing techniques are designed to dump the opponent such that he cannot break his fall, while avoiding grappling situations. Characteristic are its powerful long range whipping arm strikes typically combined with blocks – as symbolized by the Tibetan drum with two beads attached by thread.

We operate under these principles that ensure autonomy among our Dojos 

1.  Mixed Martial Arts competition or cage fighting is a fighting sport , it is not traditional Jujitsu. 

2. The responsibility of teaching and promoting their students belongs to each Sensei in their own school.

3. This Federation teaches the complete Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu system to their students while the Esoteric Arts of Zenyo Bujutsu are only taught within this Federation with exceptions given by Senior Professor Herb LaGue.

4. This Federation knows that only through honest interactions and the willingness to appreciate the differences among each of us can the heart of martial arts be transmitted and demonstrated as a character development system.

5. Following Prof. Estes’ protocol at the rank of Godan the Title of Professor will be given.

6. Senior Professor Herb LaGue, other Bushidokan Federation Professors and high ranking Bushidokan Federation Black Belts will witness exams (if invited by the students’ Sensei) and sign the rank certificate if they wish to but the students Sensei promotes their own students. The Bushidokan Federation will recognize the rank of a Bushidokan Federation Senseis’student up to one rank below the Senseis’ rank.

7. With input from Federation Profs. and Senior Federation Black Belts, Senior Professor Herb LaGue as Shodai will Promote Bushidokan Federation Sensei.

8. Our definition of Ohana (family) is that we provide the medium for improving each other to experience and communicate all true feelings, needs, dreams and goals within an atmosphere of unbreakable trust and loving acceptance. We must hold faith that when truth is discovered and shared, miracles happen.

9. Each one of us (in the Bushidokan Federation) will study and apply the esoteric principles of Dan Zan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu to the best of our understanding and ability.

Danzan Ryu literally means,
“Sandalwood Mountain Style.” Sandalwood Mountain refers to Hawaii.

Danzan Ryu is formed of three characters:
檀 Dan is derived from two basic characters. The one on the left is wood or tree. The one on the right forms the patterns of a field. The derivation becomes, “sandalwood,” “spindle” or “cedar” tree. Sandalwood (Santalum ellipticum) trees were a popular export from Hawaii and were highly valued by the Chinese community. Although in limited amount, there are still sandalwood trees on the islands. Heavy exploitation in the late 18th century to the to mid 19th century of the precious resource resulted in the destruction of many of the original sandalwood forestry. Today, Hawaiian sandalwood is state regulated and preserved.

山 Zan. This is the character for mountain. It is a basic pictograph profile image of a mountain. In Japanese, it is pronounced, “ya-ma” or “san”. The Hawaiian Islands are comprised of numerous volcanic mountain chains and each island appears mountainous.

流 Ryu. This character is made up of a nose (older kanji had a complete face), a river, a lid, and phonetic marker. This refers to being distinguished or different from others. The reference to the face is often interpreted as each individual is unique and the river is something natural. Together it may mean that our distinct nature is something unique and natural and not static. It can also mean flow or current, depending on context. It is pronounced, “ree-yuu” in Japanese. Generally, it refers to a school of thought or manner in which something is done. In the context of martial arts, it means “style.”

檀山 Danzan (or Tian Zhan) was the name the Chinese community gave to Hawaii. Notably, Honolulu has similar characters. It was referred to as, 檀香 山 “Tian Kao Zhan”. The 香 Kao is the character for fragrance. Sandalwood trees were known for their aromatic, herbal, and medicinal properties. One  

can imagine the smell of the exported sandalwood as it was being shipped through the island’s busiest city and major port of call.

Tradition holds Master Okazaki gave his jujutsu the name, “Hawaii” but in the Chinese distinction in honor of his Chinese martial art instructor, Sifu Wo Chong who broke tradition by teaching a Chinese Art to a non-Chinese. During the turn of the twentieth century, this was highly progressive and unprecedented.

Learning this lesson, Okazaki did the same by teaching his jujutsu to anyone regardless of gender, creed, or race. Jujutsu is comprised of two characters: 柔術
柔 Ju is comprised of a wood or tree, and halberd or arms. The tree represents Softness (ed: or pliability). As it is being pressed upon, it gives way and yields, not unlike the willow tree that bows when there is snow upon its branches. The willow yields and gives way to the weight bending and allows the snow to fall on its own instead of stubbornly standing its ground and breaking.

術 Jutsu can mean trick, magic, art, or technique. It comes from combining the character for growing, or a tree/wood and flowing or current. Skill is something nurtured and developed. In this pictograph skill is represented by growth and the result of that growth is constant flow in whatever the art it represents. Skill is something that flows naturally and is not stagnant.

2009 - Frederick (Eric) Atienza, sandan, is co-schoolhead of Ka Hale Na Ikaika Dojoin San Diego, CA.

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