Golden Sage Martial Arts is a comprehensive graduated self defense system with the emphasis on responsibility to the defender to use only the level of force needed to remain safe without becoming a threat to the community and by using calmness to remain centered to do what needs to be done in crisis and during normal situations. This is skillful and appropriate action.


The Graduated system of Golden Sage Martial Arts

The 3 levels of self defense are taught


Level 1 is environmental awareness, balance and body positioning. Awareness of breath and using verbal and non verbal ques to evaluate the situation. Use of non aggressive stance and calm verbal skills to resolve conflict. Gentle blocking and physical redirection or escort arts.

The use of these gentle arts DanZan Ryu Jujitsu and Zenyo Bujutsu arts give the defender the option for less than lethal alternative to escape and redirection of attacks. This is what a common citizen may encounter also called drunken uncle jujitsu because punches and kicks on a person temporally out of control (like at a wedding) needs to be controlled or escorted outside not beat up. The use of these arts for self defense applications (much like police arts) for more severe situations has been demonstrated effective.

Never look for trouble for it will find you!


Level 1 Shoden Level Lists (begining)

Kyu Rank (colored belt) beginning with white, 3rd,2nd,1st degree blue belt and green belt

DanZan Ryu Zenyo list of arts taught at Level 1 are

Ukemi (Rolls and falls)

Yawara (Wrist locks, escapes and other joint locks)

Nage (beginning level foot sweeps and basic throws)

Shime (basic level hold downs, chokes and sumission control holds)

Oku ( combanation arts ) some basic Oku arts

Atami, uke te, keri te, ( Strikes, kicks, blocks)

Kappo Basic healing arts (stopping a nose bleed, spasm diaphragm, groin strike, treat a headache and assist recovery from a choke)

Goshin Jitsu (self defense Professors list from the AJJF)

Yasu Nage List of low impact self defense arts

Zenyo Bujitsu non possessive Tibetan Martial Arts taught along with the above DanZan Ryu arts

​Level 2 Chuden Level lists (middle)

Level 2 combined with level 1 is a delivery system for non lethal and  sometimes more damaging strikes and throws and to handle more dangerous attacks from a stranger where you are concerned for your physical safety and escape is not available. Appropriate use of force as directed by your local laws apply.

Kyu Rank 3rd, 2nd and 1st Brown Belt 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan)

Some Okuden arts taught to 1st brown belt and to Shodan

All of the Shoden Level lists

All Nage, all Shime, all Oku, advanced blocks and strikes, Tanto defense (knife), Tanju (gun defense)

All Shin nin Arts at Shodan, Zenyo Bujutsu applications demonstrated, Master Okazaki Prof. Estes massage. Advanced Seifukujutsu, Kappo, meditation techniques,


Level 3 Kuden Level and Okuden

Dan Ranks 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th degree Black Belt

Level 3 combined with 1 and 2 is a higher level of responsibility as the defense some times requires the defender to attack first due to serious danger of weapons, multiple attackers or dealing with skilled opponents. This level is for high level black belts who have demonstrated years of gentleness, confidence and compassion for others. This level is also taught to Police and the Military who are entrusted to protect and serve.

These arts are taught at the Instructors discretion with many more lists of arts available.


The Okazaki Massage and traditional healing arts are required so you may develop the knowledge of the human body systems and energy pathways. Only with this experience and self discovery can you perform the above arts with the knowledge, awareness and sensitivity needed. To have the ability to assist the healing process in yourself and others is the highest honor.